Boston Musica Viva

In February 2019, while performing Reena Esmail’s gorgeous Meri Sakhi ki Avaaz with incredible Hindustani singer Saili Oak and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, I had the great pleasure of hearing Shirish Korde’s concerto for cello and tabla, Lalit. What an enormous honor, then, to be asked to premiere Shirish’s The Conference of the Birds with Boston Musica Viva this fall!Continue reading “Boston Musica Viva”

Musicians from Marlboro

I am so honored and excited to be reprising two incredible pieces I performed in Marlboro summers past on two different Musicians from Marlboro tours this season, Brett Dean’s And once I played Ophelia and Kate Soper’s Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say. I answered a few questions for the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society ahead ofContinue reading “Musicians from Marlboro”

Coffee with the Quasitura

A few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with soprano Angela Dinkelman in between rehearsals in NYC for her interview project, Coffee with the Quasitura. We chatted for a few hours (!!!) about life, music, the arts, and most especially about finding meaning and purpose in this incredibly privileged but also difficult profession.Continue reading “Coffee with the Quasitura”

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