Going “home” for the summer

I’ve been extraordinarily, unspeakably lucky to spend the last three summers at the Marlboro Music Festival, and will be returning there in a few weeks. It’s hard to describe the magic that is Marlboro, the magic of a place where one is simply allowed to make music. There are so many pressures in this world on musicians, particularly because this art form is utterly impractical in myriad ways, but Marlboro exists in some strange anti-gravity where we are fed and housed and loved and our needs are met, and we can just learn and sing and play and be. For someone like myself, who travels hither and thither for concerts, the seven weeks at Marlboro also represent the longest consecutive period of time I’ll be sleeping in one bed for the entire year. In that sense, it really feels like going home. Last year, I enjoyed sharing dinner with a few other participants and the New York Times’ Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim. You can read a little about our experience here

If you can’t catch me at Marlboro this summer, I’ll be performing on tour with the Musicians From Marlboro in various cities on the east coast (plus Chicago!) in October 2019 and March 2020. The dates and venues are listed on the homepage of this website.

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